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          With May already here and the summer sun on its way, we have a few tips to get ready for the heat and humidity. The warm weather is welcomed with open arms, especially for us here at Skinny & Co. headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Summer is a great time to soak up the sun’s wonderful gift of vitamin D! But, be careful of those UVA and UVB rays that can be quite damaging. Read along to hear some of our secrets to maintain healthy, glowing skin for the summer!

            Secret 1: Grab our Skinny & Co. Glow Kit. Inside you’ll find the necessities to smooth and hydrate skin. This includes our amazing Sugar Scrub and signature whipped Body Butter. In the shower, exfoliate your skin with the scrub. This will help get rid of any excess dead skin and leave it feeling fresh and smooth. After your shower, towel off and apply the Body Butter. By using the Body Butter on slightly damp skin, this will help quick absorption and maximum hydration.

            Secret 2: Coconut Oil is an amazing natural sunscreen! If you don’t like chemically treated skin products, this is a great way to protect your skin! Remember to talk a dermatologist to best protect your skin this summer! 

            Secret 3: Get a glowing complexion with our Facial Oil. We love this product to remove makeup and as a calming facial moisturizer, but it also serves as a great highlight. Tap just tad on the tops of your cheekbones and décolleté for a subtle, glowing accent.

            Secret 4: Summer sun means summer vacations! Whether you’re headed to somewhere southern and warm, or traveling closer to home, we recommend our Skinny & Co. Travel Kit. Now, your favorite Skinny products can go with you on the road (or the sky! The products are all carry-on friendly). This kit includes 2 ounces of our Coconut Oil, Sugar Scrub, original whipped Body Butter, Facial Oil, Oil Pulling, 3.2 ounces of our raw Coffee Soap, peppermint Lip Tube, and our eco-friendly Bamboo Spoon all in a convenient, clear travel bag. This is also a great way to try out our amazing products and or find a new favorite.

          Secret 5: It’s difficult to not spend nearly all of your time outside during the summer. Outdoor activities are the best, especially when the sunsets and the weather cools just a bit to enjoy friends and family during a bonfire. But, insects also love the warm weather. To help fight off these pesky creatures, mix some Coconut Oil with peppermint or tea tree oil! This will create a natural and gentle insect repellent. If you still end up with a few unwanted itchy spots, coconut oil is also a great aloe to help keep the itching sensation at bay.


            Our Skinny & Co. products go hand-in-hand with summer fun! Let us know how you love to use coconut oil during the summer. Share your ideas with us on our social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram!

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