4 Surprising Reasons Your Fitness Plan Isn't Working

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Remember that New Year’s resolution to get fit by summer? Well, summer has arrived, my friend, and swimsuit season is upon us. Are you rocking that bikini like you thought you would?

Do you exercise, but you can’t understand why you are not getting the results you desire? Here are a few problems that could possibly hinder your fitness goals.

With a few tweaks, you can be on your way to some washboard abs.

The problem: You overindulge on food because you've worked out.

Solution: It’s okay to treat yourself to something sweet or fattening every sometimes, but don’t undo all the hard work by splurging on an extra slice of pizza or a dessert multiple times a week. Many people underestimate how many calories they burn in a workout.

The problem: You don’t have enough variety in your workouts.

Solution: Maybe you love to run, but cardio alone is not going to give your body the full workout it needs. Variety in training is key. For the best results, try rotating different forms of exercise (cardio, strength training, flexibility) throughout your weekly workout routines.

The problem: You’re not challenging yourself.

Solution: If you’re lifting the same 5-lbs. weights at the gym week after week, you are not challenging your body. To build more muscle and burn more calories, grab some heavier weights. If you can run a mile without breaking a sweat, consider running a little longer or on an increased incline to ensure you’re getting your heart rate up.

The problem: You don’t have accountability with your workout.

The solution: If you have difficulty sticking with a long-term workout regime, try joining a group workout class or recruiting some friends to workout with you. Time flies when you are having fun, right? And even better, friends don’t let friend bail out on workouts.

Recommended Fitness Products

Sweet Relish recommends these fitness products to help jump-start your workout and get you that toned body you've always wanted.

Every girl needs a sports bra that’s both stylish and practical. The Alexa Boobypack has a micromesh lining that wicks sweat away and a removable padding for extra shape. The double adjustable racer back straps offer the perfect amount of support, and you can store necessities in zipper-enclosed pockets on either side.

Let DFX Sports and Fitness give your workout a little more challenge and chisel your arms like a Greek sculpture. The Powerball Platinum Gyro Exerciser delivers up to 45 lbs of resistance in the palm of your hand.

Give your downward dog some extra grip with Gaiam Toeless Yoga Socks. These grippy socks will keep you centered but allow your toes to spread out and maintain your balance. No more slips or slides! You can even go mat-less on any surface.

YogaRat really knows the yogis, and they design for them. These durable, springy mats are made of clean PVC foam material and come in an array of colors and fun designs. They bring a fun element to any workout!

Lock away temptation with Kitchen Safe time locking containers. Simply toss those enticing sweets and junk food in the container, press a button and presto! You can’t open it until the time runs out on the clock.

Cyclists know that sharing the roadways is dangerous. Wouldn't it be helpful to have eyes on the back of your head so you can see what's happening behind you? Well, RearViz comes with its arm-mounted, adjustable mirror. It’s the safe way to bike.

Quench your thirst and rehydrate your body following a tough workout with Zing Anything Citrus Zinger. It’s a water bottle and juicer all wrapped into one. You’ll enjoy the ease of infusing flavorful citrus fruit directly into your water bottle.

Do you want that feel of going barefoot but without sacrificing the protection and support of a running shoe? If so, ZEMgear has the shoe for you. The Cinch Ninja is made of a lightweight mesh material and soft thermal lining. Every step you take in any terrain or weather conditions will be comfy.

Boost your metabolism and energy with Skinny Coconut Oil. The supplement is made from 100 percent raw Vietnamese coconuts, giving you a natural boost that can assist with all your health goals.


By: Holly Becker, wife, mother of three, freelance writer

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