{SKIN}ny Facial Oil is Here!

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Sick of those makeups removers that dry skin, sting eyes and don't help with stubborn makeup? Well no longer!

Skinny & Co. Facial Oil is here!

Skinny & Co Facial Oil

Skinny Facial Oil is simple, pure, all natural and can be used on your face both day and night! Our patent-pending coconut oil is infused with lavender, roman chamomile and a proprietary blend of essential oils; keeping your skin moisturized and flawless!

As we mentioned above, one of our favorite uses is as a makeup remover. We got sick of our eyes stinging or our removers just not working, so we decided to do something about it!

The all-natural properties of Skinny Facial Oil won’t hurt your eyes are very gentle on lashes. We've even had testimonials from our Skinny Faithful with fuller and longer lashes after just a few uses!

Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

The lavender and roman chamomile really do the trick.

Besides its amazing aroma, lavender tones and firms your skin by supplying adequate oxygen and nutrition to the skin cells. This makes lavender an essential moisturizing property, allowing your skin to receive the most benefit from each use!

Roman chamomile is also a calming and soothing skin toner. It has been shown to be very relaxing for muscles and even help with stress!

At Skinny we are always striving to bring you the best products money can buy. We want to use our 100% RAW coconut oil to cater to all your needs, and there’s still more to come!

So toss those other makeup removers and facial oils that don’t work, and go with Skinny! Your skin will thank us.



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