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Beauty Body Butter How to use Skinny Coconut Oil

New lotions and skin treatments are a dime a dozen these days.  Everyone claims to be great for this and amazing for that, but do you really know what goes into your products?

Skinny & Co. Body Butter

This is where Skinny & Co. Body Butter sets apart.

Skinny Body Butter is an all-natural blend of whipped heaven.  Oh, and it only contains five major ingredients.  No fillers, chemicals or additives- just organic materials from the world around us.


We do it this way because we truly care about the health of your skin.  Here are the five main ingredients (and their benefits!) of our Skinny Body Butter… 

  • Organic Almond Oil – Rich in vitamin A, B and E. It also moisturizes, improves complexion and retains glow. 
  • Sweet Basil – Excellent skin rejuvenator, giving you a younger, fresher appearance. Also lessens the appearance of blemishes! 
  • Lavender – Tones and firms your skin by supplying adequate oxygen and nutrition to the skin cells. 
  • Roman Chamomile – Also a calming and soothing skin toner. It has been shown to be very relaxing for muscles and even help with stress. 
  • Skinny Coconut Oil – I don't think we need to get into why this is great for you! 

I almost forgot to mention, it smells great!  This combination of all-natural ingredients will not only have your skin glowing, but smelling beautiful! 

Always be conscious of what’s in the products you buy.  Your skin is a direct reflection of your health, so keep it looking great with SKINny Beauty! 

Skinny, keeping you healthy, inside and out!


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