Is Coconut Oil Still Good after it Melts and Re-solidifies?

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Today we're talking about how coconut oil changes from white to clear when the temperature goes from cool to warm. This is great for cooking and smoothies, but is coconut oil still good after it melts and re-solidifies?

Coconut oil liquefies over 76ºF and solidifies under 76ºF. You can change the state of the oil as much as you want and it won't affect the quality, but there are a couple of exceptions:

  1. If you heat the coconut oil up while cooking.
  2. If you heat the coconut oil up in the microwave.

In both of these cases the chemistry of the coconut oil may be changed due to extreme heat. When we say the quality won't change, we're talking about normal daily fluctuations in normal heat and cool ranges.

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