Skinny's Guide to Valentine's Day, Whether Conventional or Not

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Ah, love is in the air! No matter how you plan on spending Valentine's Day or who you’ve chosen as your loveliest sweetheart, you can count on coconut oil to keep your evening fresh and exciting. Here at Skinny, we’re all craving a snuggle session with our babe, our pet, or our fleece blanket plus a movie. Here are some tips for a romantic, fun, and coconut-infused evening, single or taken.


Valentine's Day with your S.O.:

Tie up your apron and ready your cookware! Nothing says “I love you” like a healthy, delicious, and chocolatey dessert for you and your sweetie. If chocolate really is an aphrodisiac, these sweets will kick the night off right. Here’s a round-up of the best Valentine’s Day treat recipes for chocolate lovers, coconut oil included.

Invest in cute bake molds before cooking up these tantalizingly tasty chocolate hearts. One spoonful and your heart is bound to flutter!  |  Marble Chocolate Hearts 

Wait a second- Spirulina and Chocolate? With coconut oil in the mix, this might be the healthiest sweet possible. All that, and it’s raw!  |  Raw Spirulina Chocolate 

Please remember, Skinny friends, this holiday is about sharing the love. After baking this sweet-and-salty treat, we don’t blame you if feasting on the whole thing yourself becomes a powerful temptation. Been there, done that, and don’t regret a thing.  |  Five-Ingredient Chocolate Coconut Tart With Pretzel Crust


Valentine's Day with man’s best friend:


Have some cuddle time scheduled with your furry friend? Indulge them in coconut oil bliss with a thorough brushing followed by a moisturizing rub with Skinny. Because of its antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal qualities, coconut oil is the ideal conditioner for your pet and his delicate skin. It’s the perfect remedy for dry, cracked paws, too!

Let’s be real, though. There’s only one sure-fire way to your dog’s heart, and that’s through his stomach. Remind Fido of your undying love by pleasing his tastebuds with delectable and nutritious, homemade dog treats. These vitamin-packed goodies have coconut oil baked right in, so expect lots of puppy kisses following chowtime.  |  Homemade Coconut Oil Dog Treats 


Valentine's Day with the best (A.K.A. you):


Self-love is essential to living a healthy life and Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to spend some precious “you-time,” pampering and relaxing to your heart’s content. This February 14th, Skinny has got you covered with a full collection of beautifying essentials to exfoliate away your worries and soothe your mind, body, and soul.

Skinny’s Coconut Oil Body Butter is wonderfully whipped for supple and smooth limbs following a warm bath. While in the tub, don’t forget to have our decadent Sugar Scrub on hand for rubbing away impurities, naturally. After, indulge by sweeping our Lavender Facial Oil over your face and neck. The relaxing scent will have you absolutely head over heels.

Before pressing play on your favorite Valentine’s flick, spoon out some Skinny Peppermint Oil Pulling Oil for a 20-minute swish. Oil pulling is known for its mood-boosting and breath freshening benefits. When finished, spit into trash, brush your choppers, and admire your even healthier smile. Swipe on some Skinny Lip Balm and you’re rocking the best possible you!


Whether you’ll be celebrating traditionally or not, make this Valentine’s one full of love. Sending hugs and kisses from the Skinny family!

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