What Is Skinny Coconut Oil's Nutralock System™?

Skinny Coconut Oil

You may have seen other coconut oils that claim to be cold pressed, but we've discovered a secret about other cold pressed coconut oil that they don't want you to know. Most "cold" pressed coconut oil is actually heated up to 120 degrees! While kept under "air conditioned" conditions to reduce heat, the friction created from the centrifuged process still raises the temperature of the coconut oil above what is considered "raw" (104°F).

Raw foodists finally have a truly raw, cold-pressed coconut oil that is "slow-pressed" and never heated. Our Nutralock System™ uses a low-friction air jack to apply, de-humidify and extract the extra virgin coconut oil at room temperature. The oil is then filtered to remove impurities down to 5 microns leaving it white as snow, smooth, and eliminating the smoky nutty smell that some coconut oils can have when they are heated.

Skinny Coconut Oil is Raw Coconut Oil.

Skinny Coconut Oil is extra virgin, 100% pesticide free, all-natural, raw coconut oil that is cold pressed at room temperatures below 100°F and is perfect for use in raw diets. Most other "virgin coconut oils" are expeller-pressed or centrifuge-processed at the temperatures above 120°F making the nutrient content of coconut oil poor. Not all cold pressed coconut oil can be classed as raw coconut oil, but Skinny Coconut Oil with our Nutralock System™ is suitable for raw diets.

Check out additional reasons your Skinny Coconut Oil is a "press" above the rest. Take the first step towards a healthier routine by trying Skinny Coconut Oil.

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