Our Coconut Community

Skinny Coconut Oil

Our Coconut Community is a movement.

When you think about a movement, there is always a catalyst for the belief, but it is the passionate community of individuals with shared belief that creates change. At Skinny&Co, we believe the true strength of a business lies in the collaboration of those who support its vision. Simply put, the strength of our Coconut Community lies in the combined effort of our team, our partners, and you!

We would never ask you to be a part of something you don’t believe in, so let us explain the purpose of our Coconut Community:

We believe health is not an end goal, but a beginning. We sell coconut oil to promote your health, but we exist to inspire and collaborate with others who use their healthy energy to create positive change in the world. The Coconut Community is our way of uniting those who live out this belief.

We want to be more than a health product company. The desire to serve others is engrained in our very being; at Skinny&Co we are pursuing this idea with the hope that others believe as we do and are motivated to join the movement.

You have something entirely unique to offer and we want to give you a space to be heard, inspired, and connected. Incredible things come from the collaboration of like minds; we can’t wait to see what comes next

Join the movement by signing up for the email list (below) or liking our page on Facebook!

Be sure to stay connected! We have big plans for this community and want you to be a part of it!


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