Do Shampoo Bars Work?

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It’s disappointing to find out that your favorite products aren’t as good as you thought or that they have a hidden dark side. Perhaps even worse, is discovering that the “healthy” alternatives are less effective, harder to use, or don’t last as long.

At Skinny & Co. our goal is to create products that are efficient, chemical-free, and as good or better than traditional options. So, when we finally nailed our Skinny Shampoo Bar formula, we KNEW we had a home run for multiple reasons.

  1. Simple – Our shampoo bars are comprised of a single ingredient, 100% Saponified Coconut Oil (either on its own or blended with a therapeutic-grade essential oil). It could not be simpler.
  2. Natural – Completely chemical-free, with nothing to be worried about. Our patented coconut oil goes through a natural “soaping” process, and that’s it. Only one step.
  3. Effective – Our shampoo bars, to customer’s delight, lather up like crazy! Most products rely on harmful sulfates for their “lather” qualities, but our saponified coconut oil does it on its own. It’s really impressive!
  4. Long lasting – This bar goes a long way! We are seeing women with long hair get 60+ uses out of a bar, and men with short hair in upwards of 90+.

Our shampoo bars are the essence of simplicity. After a single rinse, you can literally feel the hair being stripped of all the sulfates, parabens, and the other chemicals found in traditional shampoo and conditioners. Some may find after the first few uses their hair feels dry, but that is only because it has been stripped of all the artificial chemicals that gave it an artificial “softness”. Now it is time to learn how to use pure coconut oil to flood hair strands with the nutrients it needs. Read our guide to Coco Hair HERE.

 ProTip: “At first, I couldn't handle the feel the shampoo bar left... But my husband loves it, so I continued to restock and keep in our shower. I decided to try again, but this time instead of completely washing it out, I just lightly rinsed.. now I'm crazy about it! If you leave some of it in, it acts as a conditioner and my hair and scalp have never been more moisturized. It also doesn't have that waxy feel.” – Hannah (Verified Customer)


We know it’s a big shift, but when you decide to treat your hair and scalp like you would the rest of your body, the results are amazing! Take the Skinny Challenge today and see what coconut oil can do for your hair.

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