Introducing: Skinny Cleansing Balms

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Hello Skinny Family!

Today is an exciting day for us. We have spent the last couple of months formulating new products and reformulating our favorite products to enhance them and bring you a new level of purity and effectiveness. 

We would like to introduce our new line of Skinny Cleansing Balms. We truly believe your skin will never be softer or cleaner than after an application of them. These balms are the new iteration of our Facial Oil line, and you may use them as a moisturizer or make-up remover just like the Facial Oils. However, there are 4 major changes we are excited to share with you.

  1. New high-quality jars. Our “look” has always been a strong point for us at Skinny. But we thought we could improve the look of our facial oil line, so we did. Our new Cleansing Balm jars are our sleekest products yet, with an ultra-high end look that fits as a focal point of any bathroom countertop. 
  1. New “Ultra-filtered” coconut oil. Our Founder/CEO, Luke Geddie, had the idea to create the highest quality coconut oil filter in existence. It took over 6 months to fabricate and perfect… and we finally have it running! Our new filter is so advanced that it removes viruses, peroxides and other contaminants that other “pure” coconut oil products certainly contain. We believe our oil is better and unlike any other for sale today.
  1. Reformulated essential oil blends. Our Naturopath, Joy Reese, knows the ins-and-outs of essential oils. Essential oils are complicated. We had her look over our products, and do what was necessary to increase their effectiveness, and she succeeded. We are excited to release what we think are our most potent and best smelling blends yet. Which one is best for you? It’s a complicated answer, but we suggest using the one that “speaks” to you! Sensitive to essential oils? Don’t worry; we also just released a pure Raw Beauty Coconut Oil that is our base for the Cleansing Balms without any essential oils. 
  1. Price Drop! We wanted to make our products more affordable and available to our customers. So we sized them differently and dropped the price by over 40%. All of our new formulas are available for $24.95. Yay!

Like we said, BIG CHANGES! We hope that you love them as much as we do. We understand that some people don’t like change, but we want to help you all transition from our old products to our new ones. So please enjoy 20% off with coupon code “SAVE20”. We would love to hear your feedback! (Note: Keep your eye out for our next product launch, it's happening very soon!)

Much Love,

The Skinny Team

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