What Are Skinny Body Melts?


Hello, Skinny Family! Welcome to round 3 of our 2018 product launches. We’ve already debuted our new Skinny Lip Balms and our reformulated Skinny Cleansing Balms.  We are now proud to introduce (drum roll, please…) our new line of “Body Melts”. 

Developed as the successor to our Body Butter line, our new Melts have improved on the old line in 5 ways:

  1. Redesigned look. New jars, new scents, new labels, & new sizes. It’s all new. Following the same style we used on the cleansing balms, our designer/Naturopath Joy Reese created these from the ground up. So, match your favorite Facial Cleansing Balm with your favorite Body Melt for total body moisturizing.
  1. New formula. We used to “whip” our Body Butter, which introduced small amounts of air into the oil and made it slightly “fluffier” which we initially thought was a nice texture. The problem was, if they got above 76 degrees F they would simply melt and when they re-hardened the “fluff” was gone, appearing to be less than full jars. Moving forward, our Body Melts have been formulated with new, increased essential oils and they are not whipped, leaving you with 15% more product on us!
  1. Ultra-Filtered Coconut Oil. Our CEO/Founder Luke Geddie is fairly obsessed with coconut oil, to put it lightly. The NutraLock™ extraction system he helped patent creates the highest quality coconut oil in the world. However, he wanted to take it a step further. Over the course of 2016 through trial and error, he developed the world’s highest quality coconut oil filtering system. No, we are not exaggerating. This 5-step process is able to remove even the tiniest viruses, bacteria, and peroxides, which will make your skin happy. We are very excited to bring this new iteration to you and your family.
  1. New Essential Oil Blends. We have 3 Body Melt blends: Rose Jojoba, Lavender Almond, and Marula Argan. Each one has a very different profile, and there is a scent for everyone. (Keep your eyes open for our next blog, which will detail and outline what each of the different scents does for your body!) Remember – the scents come from only pure, natural essential oils, NOT toxic chemical fragrances.
  1. Lower Prices! Our original Body Butters were 9oz., which is a great size, but they kept the prices higher than some of our customers wanted. So, we reformulated them into new 30% smaller 6oz. jars, but we dropped the price 40%! It’s literally a win-win for our customers.

Our new line of Body Melts is one of our biggest projects yet.  We hope you love it as much as we do. We know some of you are timid about change, so we would like to provide you with a chance to try our new Body Melts at 20% off. Use discount code “SAVE20” when you checkout. As usual, we would love to hear your feedback, as we do all of this for you!

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