Erich Stauffer

Erich Stauffer
IT Director
(888) 865-4278  
What is your favorite use for coconut oil?
Fried eggs in coconut oil for breakfast. It helps me stay full longer in the morning and boosts my metabolism. I also like it on baked broccoletti & popcorn tastes great too.
Describe your "perfect" day.
Wake up naturally around eight in the morning, eat breakfast with my family, and then head off to a coffee shop to write. I would take a walk on the Monon, catch lunch with a friend, and then head home for an afternoon nap. Before dinner, I would work in my wood shop for awhile. Afterwards, I would check on the garden, play board games with my kids, grab a glass of wine, and have a fireside chat with my wife before bed.
What would you like to change in the world?
I would like to help people get connected and do more things together. I hear so many people say they don't know what to do or who to do it with! I'm not talking about matchmaking - I'm talking about the question of how to make new friends and find new things to do. In a world with an overwhelming amount of information, people are more isolated than ever. I want to help fix that.


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