Raw Beauty Coconut Oil

Clean and Simple

Beauty from the outside in.

Why use Skinny Coconut Oil with essential oils?

When you pick a carrier oil, you want a 100% pure oil that will penetrate all three layers of the skin and absorb into your cells. By being the only 100% RAW additive free coconut oil in the world, Skinny & Co Coconut Oil does just that. Our exclusive patented NutraLock system uniquely formulates an age-defying, pH balanced alkaline coconut oil that maintains fatty acids essential for balancing, hydrating, and nourishing your skin. Not only is it clean, pure coconut oil, but it is also micro-filtered specifically for the skin to remove peroxide and other skin contaminating components which are found in other coconut oils. Our contaminate value is ZERO which ensures the cleanest, clearest and purest coconut oil on the planet.

By being both hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, it is the only coconut oil in the world that will completely nourish your skin and cells. By using our coconut oil as your carrier you will see and feel the difference in both our oil and in the benefits of your own essential oils. We have perfected our coconut oil production to ensure that you get the best therapeutic experience from your essential oils. We want you to see, feel and even taste the difference of this new pure chemical free coconut oil.

The Difference is Clear

Read more about the science behind how Skinny Coconut Oil works in this scientific research paper.


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What makes Skinny Coconut Oil different?

Our exclusive patented NutraLock™ system uniquely formulates an age-defying, pH balanced alkaline coconut oil, which maintains fatty acids essential for balancing, hydrating, and nourishing your skin. Our Raw Beauty Coconut Oil is created without harsh chemicals and solvents or additives, and never contains fillers or other by-products. Our unique groundbreaking patent uses cool dry air in place of high heat and chemicals to create Skinny Coconut Oil.

Your skin is your largest and most visible organ and works hard for you. So return the favor with Skinny Raw Beauty Coconut Oil. This unique - one of a kind coconut oil nourishes from the outside - in and dramatically improves your skin's look, feel, and overall health.

We are NOT contract manufactured - which means that we make our own coconut oil in our own factories with our exclusive patented process right in the heart of Vietnam where the highest rated coconuts in the world are grown. We have complete control of our coconut oil from the time the coconut is picked until the time you open the jar. Because we make our own patented 100% RAW clean pure coconut oil, we are able to put our Raw Beauty Coconut Oil through an extra filtration process that literally removes all of the peroxide and other skin stressing components from the oil.

Peroxide is a naturally occurring component of coconut oil that blocks pores and creates havoc on your skin and is why it is hard to use an oil on your face without eventually having problems with breakouts and irritation. We call our patented microfiltration system a miracle because you get all of the hydration, antioxidants and deeply nourishing benefits that coconut oil has to offer without any worry of skin breakouts or disruptions. It is both hypoallergenic AND noncomedogenic. Skinny & Co Coconut Oil is truly the best that nature has to offer.