Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil Is The Best On The Market

At Skinny & Co. we believe that our bodies are better off when we choose a product that is natural. Our business creates natural products that you know are good for you and your family. You will be able to recognize all of our ingredients and feel good about using them.

Our goal is to bring you a product that you can stand by without any question as to whether it may have side effects, contain hidden toxins, or are produced in an unsustainable way. We have gone to great lengths securing our supply of wild-harvested coconuts:

  • We developed and patented a new way to create coconut oil that uses cold air instead of heat. We call it the Nutralock™ extraction process.
  • We procure the world’s finest essential oils to use in our natural skin care products.
  • At five or less pure, nourishing, natural, and recognizable ingredients, it’s our simplicity that helps us stand out from the rest.
  • Everything we do is chemical-free, 5 or less ingredients, all-natural and made by us. Consisting of coconut oil, oil pulling mouth wash, whipped body butter, facial oil, lip balm, shampoo and soap bars, and sugar scrub.
  • We are not contract manufactured like 99% of coconut oil in the US (almost all other coconut oils are made by the same manufacturers and relabeled).
  • We use zero chemicals, solvents, or fillers - ever!
From our family to yours, check out our story of how we got started or experience the Skinny & Co. difference for yourself, shop here.