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Tree To Table Skinny & Co.

Vertical "Skinny" Integration - Our Tree To Table Approach

Tree To Table means we are vertically integrated, from picking the coconuts to processing the coconuts in our facility in Vietnam, to making all of our products in-house and shipping them to your doorstep, we control & run the entire process. For being a small family company, many competitors think we are crazy to take on the amount of control and cost required to run our entire supply chain. We like to think we are "Coco-Nuts" :).                                                                                                                            

We take pride in our vertical "Skinny" integration. We keep our supply chain as simple and natural as possible. What that means is that your Skinny & Co. products are never made with someone else's formula. We never use synthetic ingredients and scents that most companies start with. We hand manufacture, process and fill everything we do in our family run Indianapolis, IN facility.

We hand make everything Skinny & Co.

Our commitment takes more time and we carry higher costs but it is necessary to ensure our products stay small-batch, artisan and hand-made, for you and your family. We are in the business of building your trust and giving your family safe chemical-free products from head to toe.

Skinny & Co. products are made by Skinny & Co. employees right here in the United States. We do not contract manufacture or outsource anything, to ensure our quality always matches your expectations.

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