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About Us - Skinny & Co. produces the only 100% raw, alkaline coconut oil on the planet. Our coconuts are wild-harvested (better than organic!) and DDT-free from the jungles of Vietnam and are truly tree to table. Our patented Nutralock System allows the coconuts to be cold-processed and never heated above 97 °F. No chemicals, no fillers, no preservatives. Just real, raw coconut oil. There are no traces of heavy metals shown in the COA or other toxins. The coconuts rank on a 9/10 on the coconut health scale (an actual scale run by a committee that rates coconut health around the world).
What about Agent Orange in Vietnam? Monsanto does soil testing around the world and has proven the half-life of agent orange in the areas it was sprayed is no longer an issue. In addition we have done our own tests and found it is not an issue as well.
Beauty Line - We use our 100% raw coconut oil as the base for the entire beauty line. Every product is non-toxic, edible, and contains five ingredients or less. We believe in using the highest quality ingredients to bring you maximum results. Why would you put something on your skin that you wouldn't put in your body?