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Stocking Stuffer: 4 Whipped Rose Body Butter - 2oz

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Great for Stocking Stuffers! Get 4 of your favorite Body Butter 2oz for a great price!

Skinny Rose Body Butter is whipped to perfection and formulated using age defying patented NutraLock™ Technology which locks in vitamins and replenishes your skin’s ability to heal and correct imperfections - naturally!

We take our one of a kind patented 100% RAW Skinny Coconut Oil, blend it with nutrient rich jojoba oil and then add therapeutic grade Rose essential oil that nurtures and moisturizes stressed and dehydrated skin. This deeply nourishing body butter will rejuvenate and restore dry and sensitive skin.
- Whipped Texture
- Subtle Rose Scent
- Allergen-Free
- Long Lasting Moisture
- Nourishing to Deeper Layers of Skin
How To Use:
- All over moisturizer
- Add to bath for a nourishing, relaxing experience
- Nourishing Hair Mask
- Under-Eye Moisturizer
100% Raw Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Rose Oil
Learn More:
Our Skinny & Co. Body Butter is a fan favorite due to its nourishing qualities. Due to the almond oil, those with nut allergies may be sensitive to the original body butter. We created our Rose Body Butter so that everyone can enjoy the many benefits of our Body Butter. This whipped up creation is infused with the highest therapeutic grade of rose essential oils and jojoba oil. This combination works perfectly with our coconut oil and will provide long-lasting moisture. This product is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and nut-free.

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