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Whipped Almond Body Butter - 9oz + Calming Oil

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1 - 9oz Whipped Body Butter
1 - 4oz Calming Oil

Whipped Body Butter:

Our whipped, Almond Body Butter is formulated with a blend of Skinny Coconut Oil and almond oil, whipped to perfection with a blend of holy basil and lavender essential oils. Deliver intense hydration to your skin with this pH-balanced body butter.

  • Whipped texture
  • Light nutty scent
  • Hydrating
  • Non-Toxic 
Whipped coconut and sweet almond oil infused with holy basil oil and lavender essential oils leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Available in 2oz and 9oz sizes.
  • Help prevent stretch marks
  • After-sun skin care
  • Deeply nourishing
  • Hydrate excessive dry skin
How To Use:
  • Apply anywhere as a moisturizer
  • Will appear oily at first, but will quickly absorb in skin
  • Use as needed throughout the day

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: This product contains tree nut oil, sweet basil. Allergic to nuts? Consider the Rose Body Butter instead.


Calming Oil:

Our Calming Facial Oil has a refreshing smell and feels great on the skin. It has been specially formulated for people with sensitive skin. It contains:

  • Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Holy Basil essential oils
  • Skinny Coconut oil

Collectively, they reduce irritation and redness, lighten scars, and improve skin tone. Apply at night for the lavender oil to help calm your senses before bedtime. 
Skin Type: Sensitive Skin (try Rejuvenating Facial Oil for combination skin or Clarifying Facial Oil for blemish-prone or oily skin) 

How To Use: 
Skinny & Co. facial oils are a three in one product and best of all - it's chemical free.

  • Makeup remover - apply liberally to face and wipe clean with a warm cloth
  • Hydrating masque - apply to any areas that need soothing hydration
  • Facial cleanser - used with a cleansing brush for a deep, yet gentle cleanse

Bonus tip:  Add to the tops of your cheekbones as a light highlight once makeup is applied.


  • Skinny Coconut oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Holy Basil

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